Analysis and Design of a Photovoltaic Simulator

Analysis and Design of a Photovoltaic Simulator_Page_74-1
by  Mr.Pokkrong Vongkoon , Assistant Professor Pisit Liutanakul
Department of Electrical Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok


The necessity of electric power source that can emulate voltage and current curve (V-I curve) of renewable electric power source is more and more required in the research area. This is because the special techniques of control cannot be realized without any test before adapt to the real world applications. This thesis investigates a guide to design a photovoltaic (PV) simulator using a classical dc/dc buck converter as a power stage that is operated in continuous conduction inductor current mode (CCM). In this work, the digital R-S-T controller (The polynomial control technique) is applied to characterize the converter’s inductor current, so the converter can emulate accurately the V-I curve of photovoltaic array even though any under partial shading condition. Details of photovoltaic array’s model; preparing the template lookup table of current loop command signal, is investigated. The proposed control technique is realized by the FiO boards RapidSTM32 blockset. The experimental results confirm that the PV simulator can emulate well its template with good dynamic and performance.

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