Waijung Webpage Designer (W2D)

Brief Description

Waijung WebPage Designer (W2D) is a compilation of Web Tools (including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, SQLite, AJAX, flot, etc.) that are put together to help beginners start working on Web Based Monitoring and Control (Using Waijung and Aimagin hardware) quicker and easier. W2D Blog

W2D Browser Recommendation

Chrome (PC, Mac, Linux, Andriod, iOS, Windows Phone 8)

Versions and Change Log

W2D VersionsRelease Notes & Change Log
W2D v2mLatest Version (v 2 m)
Work with Waijung 13.12 and up
Recommend aMG SQLite DB Firmware SQLiFW03
Added Chart Pan & Zoom on sqlite.html and database.html
Added Save Chart Image on sqlite.html and database.html
Added W2D Draw for SVG dynamic sensor representation (See manual for detail)
Reduced code size for better load time
Bugs Fixed
W2D v2kWork with Waijung 13.12 and up
Recommend aMG SQLite DB Firmware SQLiFW03
Added ability to plot for sqlite.html page
Added page highlighting in submenu on page.html
Upgraded library gauge.js from 0.4.4 to 0.4.6 tweaked gauge behavior
Added variable list for design items [Double click]
Added link item for design toolbar
Added customIO item for design [use custom images for ON/OFF status]
Added theme for items [onoff button txtinp slide disp]
Added chart ability to plot from latest (date) database file
Added ability to change html page title [in configuration]
Added uptime calculation when boottime variable exists
Reworked page access control for admin
Bugs Fixed
W2D v2jWork with Waijung 13.12 and up
Require SQLite DB Server Firmware SQLiFW02.bin Upgrade (If not done so)
Upgrade Login screen initialization routine
Upgrade Database.html chart
Small fix for IE10-IE11 compatibility
Text-Input Item can set property for number/date/default
Photo-Item compatibility with IP camera
Added Simple Button Item for Design
Update jQuery library
Bugs Fixed
W2D v2gWork with Waijung 13.11 and up
Require SQLite DB Server Firmware SQLiFW02.bin Upgrade (If not done so)
Update initializing routine (much faster)
Add utility variable ‘save’ (for enabling/disabling database subsystem)
Image browser within File browser
File browser show size and modified date
Add alarm item for Design page (configurable sound)
Add image item for Design page (user requested)
Add map item for Design page (Google Map API) with example data table
Update mobile detection method~~Some cosmetic adjustment~~Rework Configuration methods/database
Bugs Fixed
W2D v2Work with Waijung 13.09 and up
Require SQLite DB Server Firmware SQLiFW02.bin Upgrade
Reduced in size from 640KB to 512KB (.img to .bin)
Added Major and Minor Ticks options to Gauge
Getting multiple variables in one request (more efficient)
Added Database Browser and Downloader
Added File Browser
MCU time can be set to Local or UTC time
Add Auto-scale option for Charts
Bugs Fixed
W2D v1.9iWork with Waijung 13.07d-13.08
Fixed bug with password changing
W2D become leaner
W2D v1.9gWork with Waijung 13.07d and newer
Fixed bug w2d date time conversion error on Safari for iOS
Fixed register new user form (configuration)
Update login screen making it more efficient (changable footer)
Tweak overall cosmetic adjustment
W2D now adopt jQuery Mobile library
Migrate on-off switch and slider to jQuery Mobile style
Adjust design page making it easier than ever
Add ability to delete item during design
Add Frame drop-down list when choosing frame during design
Add highlighting on clicked item during design
Add new gzip feature making w2d lean and perform faster
W2D v1.2cWork with Waijung 13.07 series
Upgrade communication layers to work with new SQLite Firmware and new Webserver
Fixed minor config.html bug (var not found)
Fixed guide SQL on sqlite.html deleted unused tables
W2D v1.2aWork with Waijung 13.06 series
Fixed: initialization database at first start (upgrade pages table)
Feature: add Request Response Timer on page.html (enable on config page)
Feature: add config option ‘Show Timer’ in config.html
W2D v1.2Fixed: use page name in place of page ID
Fixed: use txt respond instead of JSON respond
Feature: add config.html page and move member configuration inside config.html
Feature: configurable home logo home string footer string
Feature: configurable time sync mcutime (if RTC is available on MCU)
Feature: configurable page rank (for authorization)
Feature: time string processing and txtinp as time
W2D v1.0Initial Release


W2D Manual